Robert Augustus Masters

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Homeward Bound

When the plunge is not later but now

and how is no longer a question

and love stretches us beyond our edge

with our mortality brightening our breath

we are homeward bound

uprooted enough to find truer ground

until suffering is just bootcamp grace

an eventually liberating loss of face


When being off the path is the path

and we no longer can invest in any disguise

nor find sufficient comfort in our usual highs

we are homeward bound

stumbling on when we tumble down

no longer keeping our shadow in the dark

again and again finding a sobering joy

in knowing we may feel worse

before we feel better

When we are brought to our knees

and do not flee or freeze

rising up through our sorrow

no longer romancing tomorrow

we are homeward bound

joining in for another round

holding our fractured selves

close enough 

to generate 

a deeper wholeness