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Dipping Into Wordplay

  • January 2, 2015
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My book To Be a Man: A Guide to True Masculine Power was officially released today. I’m looking at a copy, a beautiful hardcover, and am feeling what’s between the covers – what a deep labor of love and stamina, asking far more of me than I’d imagined when I agreed to write it. When I was done late last Spring, I didn’t return to writing, and still have not, until today with this my first blog in a long time.

I’ve been writing since I was 21. At the time I was unhappily immersed in a doctoral program in biochemistry; one day I started spontaneously scribbling poetry, wild stuff I unhesitatingly made my friends listen to. I loved it, loved creating it, loved hearing it, and, contrary to my character then, didn’t feel self-conscious in thus sharing it. A year later I quit the program but not my writing. It didn’t matter whether or not I had an audience.

Books began to emerge. I didn’t care what they asked of me; I was all in. And my psychospiritual work also emerged, co-evolving with my writing. My twin passions, deeply intertwined decade after decade.

To Be a Man was a huge project, with unusual editing demands, and I was 66, getting depleted too easily. Plus I was still working full-time, sessions, weeklong groups, trainings – work I dearly loved, but very demanding work nonetheless. And I wasn’t going to stop until the book was done. No shortcuts. I knew I could not continue both working and writing books after this; I simply didn’t have the juice.

This blog is the perfect length for me, serving as an entry point back into writing. No books on the horizon, just wordplay, laced with enough poetry to keep my prose on its toes.




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